Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs) Improve System Performance and Optimize Delta-T.

Siemens PICVs integrates three functions into a single device. Siemens PICVs have the unique advantage of always maintaining their full stroke, regardless of the maximum adjustable flow setting, to provide better control. This significantly reduces or eliminates hunting for the right actuator setting, resulting in better control and increased comfort. ​​

Every  Siemens  valve and actuator  is  factory tested and goes above and beyond with rigorous lifecycle testing for higher reliability. ​​

  • Red brass body with NPT-threaded end connections.
  • Low seat leakage rate (≤0.05 percent of Cv).
  • 50:1 rangeability per VDI/VDE 2173.
  • Spring-loaded, self-adjusting packing.
  • Accurate positioning to ensure state of the art temperature control.
  • Directly coupled electric and pneumatic actuators for easy mounting.
  • Sizes range from 1/2 in. to 2 in.
  • Valve designs provide equal percentage flow characteristic for water and linear flow characteristic for steam.
  • Stainless steel stem and metal-to-metal seats.
  • Repack and rebuild kits for field servicing.

Learn How to Improve Hydronic System Performance with Pressure Independent Control Valves

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Consists of two-way threaded valves ranging from ½- to 2-inches with maximum flow settings from 0.3 to 50 gpm and flanged valves with line sizes from 2½- to 6 inches with maximum flow settings from 19 to 860 gpm. The differential pressure operating range as low as 2.3 psi to as high as 90 psi. These valves control hot and chilled water with up to 50% glycol over a temperature range of 35° F to 250° F.

A smaller footprint matters.

No matter how complicated your pipe network, Siemens PICVs are the right fit. No extra piping is required when installing any size of Siemens pressure independent control valves.  No extra pipe means reduced material costs and fewer leak points.