Category: Vendors

Category: Vendors

Top 5 Benefits of the Tosibox Automated OT Platform

Tosibox Platform is an automated, open cybersecurity platform for your operational technology networks and infrastructure. It scales from one user and one device remote access to an enterprise-level OT network solution with hundreds or even thousands of users, devices, and sites connected. Tosibox Platform fits all industries and organizations, regardless of size or vertical, and […]

Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs) Improve System Performance and Optimize Delta-T.

Siemens PICVs integrates three functions into a single device. Siemens PICVs have the unique advantage of always maintaining their full stroke, regardless of the maximum adjustable flow setting, to provide better control. This significantly reduces or eliminates hunting for the right actuator setting, resulting in better control and increased comfort. ​​ Every  Siemens  valve and actuator  is  factory tested […]

Precise Control For Any Application

For more than 50 years, Honeywell has provided a legacy of globe valves with the most precise control for any application. The current families of globe valves and actuators provide the rangeability and close off needed to keep the tightest control of your environment. As an authorized distributor, we take pride partnering with Honeywell, to […]