Belimo: Seamless Integration, Reliability, and Intuitive Design.

Broudy Precision stocks a complete range of Belimo sensors for temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure, flow, CO2 and VOC’s.

What is available at Broudy Precision?
Temp- Duct Probe, Duct Averaging, Immersion, Outdoor, Freezestats, Strap on
Humidity/Temp- Duct, Outdoor
Flow Sensors
Pressure- Differential Switch, Differential Transmitter, Liquid Pressure, Liquid Differential
Air Quality- Duct CO2 and VOC.
All models are also available with analog or resistive outputs. Some models available with Modbus and Bacnet. 
Room Sensors

Belimo, the global leader in the development, production, and marketing of actuators and control valves for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems also provides an innovative line of sensors. Sensors from Belimo offer superior reliability, easy installation, and seamless integration with major Building Automation Systems (BAS). We offer a complete range of sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and flow in pipe, duct, and outdoor applications. All products are backed by world class service and support.

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Temperature sensors

Accurate and reliable temperature readings are essential for optimal building comfort and energy efficiency. Outdoor air, duct, and pipe temperature sensors are designed for easy installation and are compatible with all major BAS.

Flow sensors

Reliable measurement of flow plays an important role in maximizing HVAC system efficiency and conserving energy. Belimo’s inline flow sensors utilize ultrasonic transit-time technology to provide accurate and repeatable flow measurement in any application. Their compact size and robust design makes them suitable for use with chilled water, hot water, and water/glycol solutions at temperatures ranging from -4…250°F [-20…120°C]. The sensors are fabricated from corrosion- resistant materials, ensuring reliable operation and extended product life.

Humidity Sensors

Controlling humidity in buildings is critical to occupant comfort and in protecting building infrastructure, production processes, stored goods, and museum artwork. Belimo’s range of durable duct, outdoor air, and condensation sensors are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure superior reliability, accuracy, and repeatability. Combined temperature and humidity sensors provide a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Pressure Sensors

Accurate pressure measurement is important for optimal HVAC system performance. Pressure sensors from Belimo are capable of measuring extremely high and low pressures in air and water applications. The sensors offer precise measurement of pressure, differential pressure, and velocity for reliable monitoring. Selectable measuring ranges are available for application flexibility.

Air quality Sensors

Air quality sensors provide occupant comfort and energy efficiency. We offer a wide range of combined multi-sensors for CO2, humidity, temperature, and VOCs designed to ensure air quality and maximize energy savings over the life cycle of the building. Learn more about Air Quality in our IAQ ARTICLE.

Room Sensors

Belimo room sensors measure temperature, humidity, and CO2 in a surface mounted streamline design offering high accuracy and fast response. The sensors are maintenance-free and provide long-term reliability for a comfortable room environment. Integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC), Belimo‘s room sensors allow easy data access, field adjustable, commissioning, and troubleshooting with the Belimo Assistant App and a smartphone.