How T1L is Becoming a Game changer in Building Automation

T1L is an emerging Ethernet technology making its way into the building automation industry. Learn more about its features and benefits.

The Honeywell 10BASE-T1L media adaptor is a converter that allows migrating 10BASE-T traffic to 10BASE-T1L. This enables the easy deployment of devices with an Ethernet network using a single twisted pair connection. The 10BASE-T1L protocol allows devices to communicate on low-cost single twisted pair cable within an IP network. It reduces the cost of the installation of these devices. Through the Honeywell T1L media adaptor, T1L networks can be connected to main IP networks by converting one media type to another. An RJ-45 connector connects the 10BASE-T network cable to a switch or host device, and a three-way screw terminal connects the downstream T1L devices with the twisted pair cable. The two ports exchange data packets in both directions. The adaptor does not require an IP or MAC address and works out of the box with no configuration.