This month we are Featuring some of the HONEYWELL PRODUCTS we have available at Broudy Precision, including; Smart VFD’S AND BYPASS and CIPer™ Model 30 Controllers.

Buildings consume more than 70 percent of the electricity produced in North America — and roughly half of that is used to circulate air and water. Honeywell SmartVFD HVAC, BYPASS and COMPACT variable frequency drives maximize energy savings by modulating the speed of fans and pumps. VFDs achieve these savings by operating within a building’s control system or independently through its internal PID capabilities. Additionally, Honeywell’s VFDs are loaded with labor-saving features such as startup wizards, PC programming, and an intuitive graphical interface that allows for faster, more accurate commissioning and reliable maintenance over the life of the drive.

Honeywell's SmartVFD

The SmartVFD HVAC is a variable frequency drive designed for use in HVAC applications, designed to control the speed of HVAC pumps and fans in order to maximize energy efficiency. Easy to install, communicates effectively with building control systems to minimize energy consumption.

The SmartVFD BYPASS is easy to specify, select, install and commission. It is the perfect complement to the advanced capabilities of the SmartVFD HVAC.
The SmartVFD BYPASS configurations make it easy for you to select the right bypass to complete your drive package.
All configuration are available in NEMA 1, NEMA 12 and ventilated NEMA 3R.

Only Honeywell CIPer™ Model 30 controllers have a 4-port switch for full integration of HVAC systems, IT network and operational technologies into one infrastructure. As the fastest controllers on the market, with an open platform that seamlessly integrates new and legacy devices, CIPer Model 30 controllers quickly give you real-time data for superior operational control and efficiency.

CIPer Model 30 Controller

The WEB-O3022H and WEB-O9056H are Expansion I/O modules that are exclusively utilized with the CIPer Model 30 Controller (either WEB-C3036EPVBNH or WEB-C3036EPUBNH).

They can be directly connected to the CIPer Model 30 Controller or remotely mounted up to 100’ away. Multiple Expansion I/O Modules can be connected to a single CIPer Model 30 Controller. You can mix the small WEB-O3022H and the large WEB-CO9056H in any combination to meet specific project I/O requirements.

The CIPer Model 30 Expansion I/O modules feature removable terminal blocks, Hand-Off-Auto switches and indicator LEDs and can be powered by the CIPer Model 30 Controller.

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