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October Newsletter



Happy October! Welcome to our new Broudy Precision newsletter. 


Inside you will find important updates, product information and learn more about Broudy Precision, our team and how we can assist you.

Broudy Video Snippets & Webinars

As we all try and navigate these crazy times, Broudy is expanding its reach by offering weekly webinars and video “snippets” to help educate all of our customers. 

We will have a Tech Tuesday every week with our engineering team that will be a webinar with Q&A to follow (ask them anything!).  Along with this, we will be adding condensed videos relating to multiple products and training topics daily.  Make sure to check BP Tech Center for the videos and any other updates. 

Also, we will have one sales-type webinar every Friday at 9:00 a.m. 

This week’s sales webinar is Controls 101 & Industry Update with Tom Ranalli. 

Join the Zoom Meeting here:

Meeting ID: 872 801 177

Password: 058391

Broudy Precision branches are open for business

Only employees will be permitted inside.
Please Read:

Broudy State of the Union

With the news that broke Thursday from Governor Tom Wolf, we wanted to let everyone know that as of now, we will remain open.  We fall under the category of “essential business”.

Broudy Precision is currently running a staggered crew in both locations and adhering to safety requirements in the office spaces with adequate staffing for all shipping/receiving needs. Luckily we are set up so that most of our inside, and outside salespersons work remotely with little to no drop off in service. 

We are going to continue to take the appropriate actions.  To adhere to social distancing, we will not be allowing people to physically enter the building to pick up parts.  Give us a call and let us know what you need, and when you arrive, we will bring your materials out to you.

Also, as we all try to navigate this crazy time, we wanted to let you know what we see from the supply/distribution side. At this current state, we are seeing a little bit of a delay from the supply side with anything coming from China that has specific boards. In anticipation of this potential disruption, Broudy has tried to stock-up ahead of time to meet everyone’s needs.

Good news from Honeywell, as they have let us know that at this time, they don’t anticipate any significant interruptions to their business or deliveries. As the situation evolves, this is subject to change.

Like most of you, we are optimistic that we will get through this and get back to normalcy soon. Once the restrictions are lifted, Broudy is anticipating a big rush to have jobs completed.  We are encouraging customers to review their workload and look at placing project orders in advance. Please work with your sales rep to help facilitate any needs.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  We will all figure this out together to provide the best solution for our customers and their customers.


The Broudy Precision Team

Free Shipping on Web Orders

With all the growing concerns with COVID-19, Broudy has decided to help by offering free shipping on all web orders for the next several weeks. This should help eliminate some of the need to come into the counter to pick up parts. There is no minimum order amount and free shipping applies to UPS ground shipments only.
If you don’t already have an account on our webstore, please click the link below and fill out the form.

Exclusive Partnership for Custom Drivers – JK Integrations

Broudy Precision is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with JK Integrations. JK is one of the hidden gems in our industry. They make custom drivers and really take integrations to the next level.

From Trane Comm4 Drivers to CCN Drivers, Jamie Schulze has done a wonderful job creating better drivers to help the contractor integrate easier with offering more usable points.

Below are some of the drivers JK Integrations offer today:

JK Integrations Custom Drivers

There are two different options for each driver – 25 devices or Unlimited

CCN Driver
Driver for integrating Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) devices
Supported devices:

  • AirTerm
  • CC6400
  • P_33CSTM

COMM4 Driver
Driver for integrating Trane’s COMM4 devices
Supported devices:

  • Intellipak
  • FCU/TCU Controller
  • Voyager TC
  • Voyager Commercial (Precedent)
  • VAV Terminal Unit UCM2/3/4

GBUS Driver
Driver for integrating GBUS devices
Supported devices:

  • EC-Controller

INet Driver
Driver for integrating TAC I/NET devices
Supported devices:

  • All 7700 Controllers
    excluding ASC parameters

INet MR Driver
Driver for integrating TAC I/NET MR devices
Supported devices:

  • MR-VAV
  • MR-AHU
  • MR-HP

McQuay Driver
Driver for integrating McQuay devices
Supported devices:

  • ART
  • SCU

MicroStar Driver
Driver for integrating MicroStar devices
Supported devices:

  • MicroStar

Teletrol OPB Driver
Driver for integrating Teletrol OPB devices
This driver must be used with a JACE-600 or older. It will NOT work on a JACE-8000
Supported devices:

  • TSC IO Smart IO Unit
  • TSC VAV Variable Air Volume Unit
  • TSC HP Heat Pump Unit
  • TSC RT Roof Top Unit
  • TSC UV CEC Programmable UV Controller
  • TSC IVAV Integrated Air Volume Unit

Trane FCU
Driver for integrating Trane FCU devices
Supported devices:

  • Trane FCU

Software Maintenance Agreements – Protect Your Investment

It can never be stressed enough for systems to be kept up to date with the latest software releases. Besides added features and bug fixes, staying current will ensure your installed system will remain safe and secure.

In today’s world, cyber security is extremely important. And to stay protected, system updates are required to be maintained. Tridium is dedicated to continuously improving the security of their products and will continue to provide updates as they release new security features and enhancements.

What is an SMA?

When applied to a Niagara license, the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) allows the user continued updates to the Niagara software and access to Niagara Cloud Backup as a Service (Baas) throughout the maintenance period. Once BaaS is setup, it will allow for automated backup of JACEs and Supervisors to the cloud. This ensures the data is safe and secure, ready to be used if a failure occurs and a restore is needed.

The cloud-based asset manager tool, accessible thru Niagara Central, provides automated software maintenance management. This allows users to track their Niagara SMA expirations as well as receive email notifications of maintenance expirations and renewals. It also allows for access to device backups via BaaS.

As long as the SMA for a JACE or Supervisor is kept current (not expired), it will be licensed for the latest release of Niagara. The SMA is only part of the solution! Having the latest Niagara release licensed does nothing for an end user without the latest Niagara software being installed. Therefore, it is critical to be sure the latest released version of Niagara is running on each JACE and Supervisor.

Why is it important to renew and maintain your Software Maintenance Agreements?

  • Access to the latest Cyber Security Updates to protect your investment from cyberattacks
  • Access to the latest productivity, functional and visualization enhancements as well as compliance features
  • Utilize Backup as a Service to protect/backup your data and system databases

Broudy Precision now a Phoenix Contact authorized Automation Distributor

Broudy Precision has recently partnered with Phoenix Contact and is now an authorized Automation Distributor.  With this comes the ability to provide all the great smart building products and support that Phoenix Contact offers.

Some of the product solutions for building automation:

  • Control and Flexible industrial I/O
  • Power Supplies and UPS
  • Industrial communication technology
  • Monitoring
  • HMI and Industrial PCs

Some examples of the awesome products Phoenix Contact specializes in:

120v Single Phase Surge Protector

PLT-SEC-T3-120-FM (2905228)
Optical status indicator

24V DC Power Supply (30W)

UNO-PS/1AC/24DC/30W (2902991)
Input: single phase 100-240v
Output: 24v DC 30W (1.25A)
Space efficient design
Wide temperature range (-13 – 135F)
DIN rail mount


QUINT-UPS/24DC/24DC/5 (2320212)
Uninterruptable Power Supply
automatic battery detection
LED status indicators
IQ technology for intelligent battery management
DIN rail mount

UPS Battery

UPS-BAT/VRLA/24DC/1.3 AH (2320296)
24V DC 1.3 Ah
Tool free design
Automatic communication with UPS
With 1A load, up to 1hr of buffer time
DIN rail mount


ILC 2050 BI (2403160)
Industrial-grade JACE
Integrated 4 port ethernet switch (2 NICs for JACE)
Two integrated RS-485 ports
Expandable with up to 63 I/O modules
DIN rail mount
Limited lifetime warranty when used with the following Phoenix product:
Surge Protection
Power Supply

Unmanaged Switch

FL SWITCH SFNB 5TX (2891001)
24v DC (AC/DC model available)
5 Ports (8 port model available)
DIN rail mount

If you are looking for a Phoenix Contact Authorized Distributor – please contact us.