FBTi-7T7-1U1R Enhances IAQ and Energy Efficiency
Cylon® FBTi-7T7-1U1R

ABB announced the launch of the FBTi-7T7-1U1R recently, a piece of technology designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and optimize energy usage in terminal equipment. This device was built to cover various applications including fan coil units, chilled ceilings, heat pump systems, and rooftop units. The engineers behind this device leveraged the ABB Cylon FusionAir sensor series for its multifaceted capabilities in handling IAQ applications such as demand control ventilation. The FBTi-7T7-1U1R is designed to help improving IAQ while also ensuring maximum efficiency when it comes to conserving energy costs.

Available at Broudy Precision, the FBTi-7T7-1U1R is a high performance, low cost BACnet® Unitary Controller with native BACnet/IP communications support. BTL listed as BACnet Building Controller (B-BC), it perfectly complements the FBVi (IP VAV controller) in the IP terminal unit controller range. Utilizing the patented UniPut technology, it provides reliable and cost-effective control solutions for Fan Coil Units, Chilled Ceilings, Heat Pumps and Roof Top Units.

Dual IP ports with failsafe switchover connects the FBTi to any open BACnet network and also provides seamless integration to the ABB Cylon system.


The FBTi-7T7-1U1R is designed to cover applications from Fan Coil Unit, Chilled Ceiling, Heat Pump and Roof Top Units. Leveraging the ABB Cylon FusionAir sensor series, the FBTi can execute IAQ applications such as Demand Control Ventilation and optimize energy usage in the controlled terminal equipment.

It is programmed using CXproHD programming software as with other ABB Cylon controllers. Reference strategies for Fan Coil Units and Roof Top Units are available for download and customization.