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The key to success in energy efficiency – Transparent energy monitoring

Energy efficiency is truly a key to economic success. Therefore, an energy management system must be easy to implement. Phoenix Contact, a vendor of Broudy Precision, offers an innovative and coordinated portfolio of sensor and measurement technology products that streamline installation and simplify energy data acquisition. Future-oriented communication solutions and digital services help you to integrate, manage, and process your data. Check out the lastest Energy Meters from Phoenix Contact below.

Beyond the user experience, Phoenix Contact offers a solution for each of the three major industrial Ethernet protocols: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP. 

Integrating the meters into physical power systems is also simple, with the ability to interface directly with Rogowski coil split-core CTs or with traditional current transformers. Direct voltage support of up to 700 V AC with the option to use potential transformers for higher voltages means these meters can be deployed throughout the North American market on a variety of power systems. Simply put, machine-level energy measurement has never been so simple or straightforward.


  • Easily retrofit current measuring technology with the PACT RCP set without having to remove system parts
  • Transform alternating currents up to 4,000 A using a single universal PACT RCP measuring system
  • Fast, reliable and tool-free installation: plug-in current transformers with Push-in Technology. 

PACT current sensors

Easy retrofitting, quick wiring

PACT RCP current transformers based on the Rogowski coil are the perfect replacement current transformer for retrofitting without having to remove system parts. The PACT current transformer product family features a complete range for converting high alternating currents into 1 A secondary currents. Versions with Push-in connection help you perform your wiring quickly and safely.

Current transformers for retrofitting

Fast installation in a confined space

PACT RCP current transformers for retrofitting can be conveniently mounted where there is not enough space for split-core current transformers. For energy meters with direct Rogowski coil connection, the PACT RCP current transformers can measure currents up to 10,000 A – they are connected directly to the appropriate meter without the need for a measuring transducer. For systems that require a more traditional CT or transducer input, it is possible to capture AC currents up to 4,000 A and convert them into a secondary alternating current of 1 A or into an analog standard signal of 4…20 mA, for example, depending on the type of downstream measuring transducer.

Energy monitoring in an IIoT world

The goals of this white paper are to:

  • Introduce the three basic ways monitoring can help achieve savings
  • Explain how energy monitoring and the IIoT story are interwoven
  • Provide a high-level overview of how to interpret basic energy data
  • Share some real-world application examples
  • Give some insight on selecting and investing in energymonitoring equipment

Identify inefficiencies, meet performance goals, and gain powerful insight with DENT Meters.

Broudy Precision is a Proud Distributor of DENT INSTRUMENTS.

Permanently monitor discrete building power systems such as HVAC or lighting. Real-time energy data is communicated using industry-standard Modbus or BACnet.

Check out the newest meters we offer from Dent; the POWERSCOUT 3037 and POWERSCOUT 3 HD.


The PowerScout 3037 comes in four basic configurations depending on whether a display or Ethernet port are desired. Instead of having one specific meter for asingle job, the PowerScout 3037 can adapt to nearly any project requirement.
-Tenant Submetering
-Bi-directional Metering
-Data Centers
-Real-Time Power Monitoring in Commercial, Retail, and Industrial environments
-3 channels: Single-point submeter monitors voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single or three- phase systems 
-Revenue grade. ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2
-Lightweight and compact: Mount within an electrical panel.
-Positive and negative Modbus registers/ BACnet objects allow for the PowerScout to be used on bi-directional metering projects.
-Use with a full range of Split Core or RōCoilTM Rogowski-style CTs, including several revenue-grade options.
-Line-Powered: 80-600V Phase-to-Phase Power Supply
-The optional display shows real-time information about the meter configuration and metered data
-Communicate using either BACnet or Modbus protocol. The meter features one digital pulse output. Available as a Serial only or Ethernet + Serial device.
-Data updates occur every 0.5 seconds.
-Patented PhaseChek TM technology confirms proper CT orientation
-UL Listed and CE Mark
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How to Install the DENT PowerScout 3037 3-Phase Power Meter (PS3037)

For More Information Contact Your Local Broudy Precision Sales Representative


The PowerScout 3 HD is the final model in the HD family replacing the PowerScout 3037 as DENT Instruments’ 3-phase meter. The PS3HD brings increased measurement performance and communication options in a single SKU. It can utilize any of DENT’s internally-shunted, 333 mV output split-core or RōCoil CTs. Monitor a single three phase load or network with other PowerScout HD meters to monitor several loads across your facility.

Tenant SubmeteringBi-directional MeteringData CentersReal-Time Power Monitoring in Commercial, Retail, and Industrial environments

-3 channels: Single-point submeter monitors voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single or three- phase systems
-Revenue grade. ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2 electrical panel.
-Positive and negative Modbus registers/ BACnet objects allow for the PowerScout to be used on bi-directional metering projects.
-Lightweight and compact: Mount within an electrical panel.Use with a full range of Split Core or RōCoilTM Rogowski-style CTs, including several revenue-grade options.
-Line-Powered: 80-600V Phase-to-Phase Power Supply
-Optional display shows real-time information about the meter configuration and metered data
-Communicate using either BACnet or Modbus protocol. The meter features one digital pulse output. Available as a Serial only or Ethernet + Serial device.
-Data updates occur every 0.5 seconds.
-Patented PhaseChek TM technology confirms proper CT orientation
-UL Listed and CE Mark
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MARCH 2021 | ISSUE NO 7:

This month’s newsletter is packed with an abundance of information. Including; Niagara AX End of Life Info, Upgrading to a JACE 8000, Video Series Links, Webinars, Featured Products, Our Employee Spotlight, Updates and Guide to sharing your Success Story!


Belimo: Seamless Integration, Reliability, and Intuitive Design.

Broudy Precision stocks a complete range of Belimo sensors for temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure, flow, CO2 and VOC’s.

What is available at Broudy Precision?
Temp- Duct Probe, Duct Averaging, Immersion, Outdoor, Freezestats, Strap on
Humidity/Temp- Duct, Outdoor
Flow Sensors
Pressure- Differential Switch, Differential Transmitter, Liquid Pressure, Liquid Differential
Air Quality- Duct CO2 and VOC.
All models are also available with analog or resistive outputs. Some models available with Modbus and Bacnet. 
Room Sensors

Belimo, the global leader in the development, production, and marketing of actuators and control valves for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems also provides an innovative line of sensors. Sensors from Belimo offer superior reliability, easy installation, and seamless integration with major Building Automation Systems (BAS). We offer a complete range of sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and flow in pipe, duct, and outdoor applications. All products are backed by world class service and support.

Success Story – Healthcare Network in Southern Interior British Columbia READ NOW 

Temperature sensors

Accurate and reliable temperature readings are essential for optimal building comfort and energy efficiency. Outdoor air, duct, and pipe temperature sensors are designed for easy installation and are compatible with all major BAS.

Flow sensors

Reliable measurement of flow plays an important role in maximizing HVAC system efficiency and conserving energy. Belimo’s inline flow sensors utilize ultrasonic transit-time technology to provide accurate and repeatable flow measurement in any application. Their compact size and robust design makes them suitable for use with chilled water, hot water, and water/glycol solutions at temperatures ranging from -4…250°F [-20…120°C]. The sensors are fabricated from corrosion- resistant materials, ensuring reliable operation and extended product life.

Humidity Sensors

Controlling humidity in buildings is critical to occupant comfort and in protecting building infrastructure, production processes, stored goods, and museum artwork. Belimo’s range of durable duct, outdoor air, and condensation sensors are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure superior reliability, accuracy, and repeatability. Combined temperature and humidity sensors provide a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Pressure Sensors

Accurate pressure measurement is important for optimal HVAC system performance. Pressure sensors from Belimo are capable of measuring extremely high and low pressures in air and water applications. The sensors offer precise measurement of pressure, differential pressure, and velocity for reliable monitoring. Selectable measuring ranges are available for application flexibility.

Air quality Sensors

Air quality sensors provide occupant comfort and energy efficiency. We offer a wide range of combined multi-sensors for CO2, humidity, temperature, and VOCs designed to ensure air quality and maximize energy savings over the life cycle of the building. Learn more about Air Quality in our IAQ ARTICLE.

Room Sensors

Belimo room sensors measure temperature, humidity, and CO2 in a surface mounted streamline design offering high accuracy and fast response. The sensors are maintenance-free and provide long-term reliability for a comfortable room environment. Integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC), Belimo‘s room sensors allow easy data access, field adjustable, commissioning, and troubleshooting with the Belimo Assistant App and a smartphone.




Niagara AX End of Life (EOL)

What does it mean?

  • AX will no longer be supported
  • Sites must plan for migration to Niagara4

What needs to be done?

  • Evaluate the system components for EOL
  • Software upgrades (AX to N4 Station Migration)
  • Software Maintenance Agreements
  • Hardware Upgrades (possible JACE replacement & IO module replacement) 


July 1st, 2021

Sales of all Niagara AX license and license options end

AX downgrades no longer sold

Sales/replacements for legacy JACEs end

Patches for defects and cyber issues end

License move or replacement available only with active SMA

No further distribution of AX software by Tridium

July 1st, 2023

AX Supervisor and AX JACE license modes/replacements are no longer supported

AX Supervisor model migration ends

End of Niagara AX licensing

Upgrade your supervisor to N4 and purchase a JACE 8000 to replace the failed JACE 600E.

Learn more from Tridium’s JACE 8000 Data Sheet

Migrate the station from the failed JACE to N4 


SMAs for AX Supervisors are available through June 30, 2023 

Check Out Our Video: JACE 8000 Start up

AX Supervisor and Workbench Model Migration 

AX Supervisors   

  •  Requires active SMA 
  • Migrated to equivalent N4 model which allows purchase of N4 options 
  •  All standard drivers supplied by Tridium and supported on N4 will be migrated. 
  • 3rd party drivers not supplied by Tridium need to be licensed through the supplier.      

AX Workbench

  • Requires active license 
  • Migrated to equivalent N4 model 
  • AX option switch enabled 

Active through June 30, 2023

  • Niagara AX software builds will no longer be available for download after July 1, 2021
  • After July 1, 2023, there will be no options for upgrading AX licenses to N4. Replacement licenses will need to be purchased.




Over the last decade, the term  “Smart Building” has become increasingly more mainstream. A building becomes smart when all of its individual systems, HVAC, lighting, metering, security, etc. are linked together and work in unison. Around the same time this connotation developed, the advent and utilization of building networks grew in importance.

Today, all kinds of building automation devices live on these networks: sensors, controllers, lighting, security, metering, and many more. While these technologies have been “networked” for some time, they were mostly kept separate and/or on a lower level. We are now seeing the integration of these into a larger, managed, smart building network. The main reason for this is that an ever-growing number of building systems (once separate) must now share data instantly. Moreover, as systems share a common IP protocol, eash resides with having one all encompasing network to manage.

Traditionally, networking has fallen under the MEP design engineers or controls contractor’s responsibility. Fortunately, building automation networks, tend to be far less complicated than the large global enterprise solutions that large-scale organization rely on to conduct their daily business. In fact, most controls inegrators have the knowledge needed to set up and manage these networks. While working with the IT professionals on site, a smart building can become a reality.

What is a network? In our world, we are looking at devices that communicate via Internet Protocol (IP). A collection of devices that have private IP addresses and can share information. Typically confined to the internals of the building, they do not necessarily connect direct to the internet and the outside world. Often referred to as a LAN, or Local Area Network, this forms the basis of your “IP intranet”.

It needs to be recognized that not every sensor, nor every controller may support being attached directly to an IP based network. Many controllers connect without the use of IP addresses, otherwise known as a subnet. These lower level subnets can then connect through a router (on your IP network) and share information as if they were directly connected in the same manner. The reason subnets like this exist are varied and depend on the manufacturer of the equipment. If they support using an open protocol such as BACnet, LonWorks or Modbus, smart buildings and networks are still a possibility.

A smart building can be visualized by following an occupant as they arrive, enter, and proceed to their office. As the employee arrives at the front door, they scan their badge. The building automation system identifies the person’s individual credential and allows access. This credential is then shared to the HVAC and lighting systems. The HVAC equipment involved is put into occupied mode and will supply properly tempered and clean air.  The lighting system will turn on all needed cuircuts to get the occupant safley to their office. Once arrived, motion sensors in the room will confirm occupancy and complete the process. The sharing of information and execution of the corresponding sequence is made possible through the building’s network.

Smart devices today communicate using a host of open communication platforms, a prominent choice being BACnet. Building Automation and Control Network (BACnet) has a 20 year history of IP network compatibility and has purpose built characteristics for communicating information on building related systems. BACnet is also well supported on the lower subnet level, mentioned earlier. Furthermore a common lighting communication protocol, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), exists at that sublevel of a network as well. This subnet does not use IP addresses, but the main lighting control panel that it reports to supports BACnet at the IP level.

Now, with a basic understanding of how smart building networks operate on an intranet level, let’s look at how we get out to the real world.  Remote access to smart buildings has been around since the days of auto-dialers and dialup modems. Today, connectivity is no longer the issue, security is. Rewind a few years and it was common place to open ports to allow access to a building system remotely. This relatively simple process came at the expense of security. By exposing your building to the outside world, you permit potential hackers an avenue in, even if they do not have a username and password.

Today we have standard practices such as the utilization of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Tosibox, one such product, gives you the same ease of remote access, but with two-factor authentication over an encrypted connection.

The aforementioned two-factor authentication being that in order to gain access they need: something they have (a physical key) and som-ething they know (a password). VPN setup is normally a technical and intense exercise, requiring strong familiarity with IT processes and nomenclature. Tosibox does away with this by using a secure by default policy, it is as simple as plugging a USB Key into a Lock.

Broudy Precision offers a variety of Routers, IP switches, and secure remote internet access devices.

To learn more, checkout our Broudy Precision Networking Product Vendors list, featuring top network products and descriptions from our trusted  vendors; Tosibox, Loytec, Phoenix Contact, and Contempory Controls.


Check out our YouTube Series Networking 101




This month’s newsletter is packed with an abundance of information. Including an article on Smart Buildings: Networks, Video Series Links, Webinars, Featured Products, our Employee spotlight, Updates and an exclusive iWave R giveaway!! 




Featuring VERASYS from  JOHNSON CONTROLS available at Broudy Precision.

Verasys Release 4.0 officially available on October 14, 2020

Verasys® Enterprise Building Controls System

Verasys controls make it easy to configure a vast array of HVACR equipment and controls for light commercial and mid-market applications. Improve comfort, efficiency and operating costs for one building or a nationwide chain. Here’s a look at the exciting enhancements of our newest release.

Verasys technology is BACnet®-based and connects seamlessly with other equipment. The latest release now

Verasys® Enterprise Building Controls System
  • PENN® A525 Series electronic walk-in cooler controllers.
  • TEC3000 Series full-color smart thermostats, for touchscreen control of rooftop, fan coil and heat pump equipment.
  • NS8000 Series Network Sensors — one device for temperature, humidity, CO2 and occupancy sensing.
  • Factory-mounted VAV controls slash installation time and reduce costs through bundling. 
  • The Constant Volume, Generic IO and Lighting controllers can all support more sensors, for improved monitoring. The release also includes new boiler and chiller controller applications.
Verasys® Enterprise Building Controls System

Looking for building controls systems designed to make multi-site building enterprises smarter? Verasys® Enterprise Building Controls System identifies the key challenges to your enterprise with one push of the keyboard – and minimize your IT investment with the cloud-based solution. It streamlines installation and commissioning, and provides access to critical data – when you need it and where you need it – to help perform at peak levels.

New Feature Benefit Summary

  • Verasys 4.0 is a FREE software update to the Smart Building Hub
  • Controller Clone – Faster commissioning through cloning
  • What value are we adding to contractors?
    Ability to tie in other equipment during retrofit
    • Boilers, Chillers, RTU’s, Heat Pumps, VRF, Energy/Water/Gas meters, LED Lighting Systems, Breaker Panels, Third Party BACnet Controllers, Room Pressure Controllers

Learn more about VERASYS and some of the other JOHNSON CONTROL PRODUCTS we have in stock on our website, or Purchase Now!

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