New Johson Controls Series 3 Variable Speed Micro Drive

New micro drive for AC induction motors

The initial release of the new VS3M micro drives in July 2020 is for 3 phase 230 V and 480 V drives only. The 120 V and 575 V models will follow in a future release, anticipated for December 2020. The existing VSC micro will remain available to support the lower volume voltage requirements.

Next level competitiveness 

Micro drives are used anywhere and the drives can be installed inside an existing control cabinet. They are the go to solution for OEMs. Several significant changes and improvements are implemented in this new series, making it an opportune time to re-visit any OEM customer that uses drives. 

The following list outlines some key improvements of the new VS3M Micro Drives:

  • Johnson Controls will stock in our own warehouse – a first for VSDs in North America
  • The drives are variable torque rated instead of constant torque – this translates into a more competitive price across the HP range 
  • BACnet MS/TP is built in – no longer an option card
  • 2 relay outputs
  • The standard class drive (VS3) keypad can be used to copy and paste parameters
  • Web Server Connectivity eliminates the need for PC software
  • Bluetooth for monitoring, configuring, registering, and updating the drives
  • Plenum Rated
  • NEMA 1 (UL type 1) option kit
  • UL 61800-5-1 rating (standard replacing UL508C)

Broudy Video Snippets & Webinars

As we all try and navigate these crazy times, Broudy is expanding its reach by offering weekly webinars and video “snippets” to help educate all of our customers. 

We will have a Tech Tuesday every week with our engineering team that will be a webinar with Q&A to follow (ask them anything!).  Along with this, we will be adding condensed videos relating to multiple products and training topics daily.  Make sure to check BP Tech Center for the videos and any other updates. 

Also, we will have one sales-type webinar every Friday at 9:00 a.m. 

This week’s sales webinar is Controls 101 & Industry Update with Tom Ranalli. 

Join the Zoom Meeting here:

Meeting ID: 872 801 177

Password: 058391

Broudy Precision branches are open for business

Only employees will be permitted inside.
Please Read:

Broudy State of the Union

With the news that broke Thursday from Governor Tom Wolf, we wanted to let everyone know that as of now, we will remain open.  We fall under the category of “essential business”.

Broudy Precision is currently running a staggered crew in both locations and adhering to safety requirements in the office spaces with adequate staffing for all shipping/receiving needs. Luckily we are set up so that most of our inside, and outside salespersons work remotely with little to no drop off in service. 

We are going to continue to take the appropriate actions.  To adhere to social distancing, we will not be allowing people to physically enter the building to pick up parts.  Give us a call and let us know what you need, and when you arrive, we will bring your materials out to you.

Also, as we all try to navigate this crazy time, we wanted to let you know what we see from the supply/distribution side. At this current state, we are seeing a little bit of a delay from the supply side with anything coming from China that has specific boards. In anticipation of this potential disruption, Broudy has tried to stock-up ahead of time to meet everyone’s needs.

Good news from Honeywell, as they have let us know that at this time, they don’t anticipate any significant interruptions to their business or deliveries. As the situation evolves, this is subject to change.

Like most of you, we are optimistic that we will get through this and get back to normalcy soon. Once the restrictions are lifted, Broudy is anticipating a big rush to have jobs completed.  We are encouraging customers to review their workload and look at placing project orders in advance. Please work with your sales rep to help facilitate any needs.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  We will all figure this out together to provide the best solution for our customers and their customers.


The Broudy Precision Team

Free Shipping on Web Orders

With all the growing concerns with COVID-19, Broudy has decided to help by offering free shipping on all web orders for the next several weeks. This should help eliminate some of the need to come into the counter to pick up parts. There is no minimum order amount and free shipping applies to UPS ground shipments only.
If you don’t already have an account on our webstore, please click the link below and fill out the form.

Facility Explorer CGM and CVM Equipment Controllers

Johnson Controls has released their newest line of Facility Explorer MS/TP field controllers, the F4-CGM09090-0 General Purpose Application Controller and the F4-CVM03050-0 VAV Box Controller
These new controllers are the first of a new family of field equipment controllers for Facility Explorer

Key Features

  • Onboard alarming, trending and scheduling (integral real-time clock)
  • Removable screw terminals on all wiring connections for ease of installation and service
  • Faster processor for better performance
  • More memory to support background downloads and future upgrades
  • CGM/CVM: 16MB Flash, 8MB SDRAM (PCG/PCV: 1MB Flash, 512KB RAM)
  • Higher resolution inputs to allow for more accurate sensing
  • Rotary decimal switches for easier addressing
  • Supports MS/TP or N2: Auto detection of MS/TP or N2 communications – no manual protocol setup required

Download the full specs here:


Honeywell TR120 Sylk Zio Wall Module

Honeywell has released the latest in the line of Sylk Zio Wall Modules for the Spyder, Stryker and CIPer Model 30

Key Features

  • Compatible with the Stryker, Spyder Lon, Spyder BACnet and CIPer Model 30 controllers
  • Direct Replacement for the TR71 and TR75 Sylk Zio Wall Modules (no programming changes required)
  • 2-Wire (Sylk Bus) connection for communication and power
  • Color touchscreen
  • Password protection
  • Landscape or Portrait Mode mounting

Download the full specs here:


Broudy Precision is a 2020 Honeywell Diamond Distributor!

Broudy Precision is proud to announce that we have been awarded Diamond Distributor status from Honeywell for the 15th consecutive year. There are only 8 distributors nationwide that have achieved Diamond status for 2020. Even more significant is the fact that Broudy is the only distributor that has been awarded Diamond status every year since the program’s inception.

We recognize that this accomplishment would not have been attainable without the patronage of our loyal customers and our outstanding Honeywell support team, and therefore we wish to thank them for helping us to make this possible. We are truly grateful, and we look forward to another successful Honeywell year!

Broudy Precision Awarded Best of Brands for FX by Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has awarded Broudy Precision “Best of Brands for FX” for 2019. This is the 4th year in a row that Broudy Precision has been awarded this distinguished honor!

Broudy has once again demonstrated why they are the leader in Building Automation and looks forward to another great year with Johnson Controls in 2020.