We’re Thrilled to Announce the Launch of Our New Logo!

We are so excited to share our new logo with the world finally! After many months of brainstorming and fine-tuning, this logo perfectly reflects our brand values and aesthetics. It is a simple yet eye-catching icon that encapsulates the best innovative design, ensuring maximum impact. This logo marks an exciting chapter as we continue further strengthening and spreading our company!

Broudy Supply Co

A Short History; the Broudy name itself is over 100 years old. We started as a hardware supply company solely in Philadelphia. Over the years, we’ve gone through quite a few transitions expanding up and down the East Coast till we found our niche today; building technology.

In the early 90s, we evolved from exclusively a hardware supply company into a plumbing supply, Broudy Supply Co., and at that time, our logo was straightforward, with no thrills. Then as we continued to grow in the HVAC space, the name Broudy Precision evolved, as did our logo, into what people know as the checkmark logo. Then, further down the line, we narrowed that focus again, including mechanical equipment and controls while preserving our checkmark logo and name, with some refresh.

Broudy Precision Logo

Now we’ve reached a point where innovation and technology are two driving forces that have allowed us to reach new heights. As a result, our focus today has shifted to primarily building automation and building technology. As a result of these changes, we have we have decided to re-brand with a new logo to reflect our commitment to advancing our field, but most importantly, who we are today.

Technological advancement in the building space has had a significant impact on the way we do things now. Although we have been adapting to change since the beginning, our focus has become much more on building innovation than in previous years. Therefore, we wanted a logo reflecting our evolution.

Our goal was to create a simplistic yet innovative logo representing our collective ambition, something we can all look at for a moment and realize how far we’ve come. It’s also an opportunity to stay focused on the future and strive toward achieving even greater things. So, instead of paying someone outside of our industry to create it, we brainstormed and used our talent to design it in-house. It’s certainly no easy endeavor to refresh our brand, but it is the thing that keeps us on the forefront and striving for more.

Nonetheless, we’re excited to have this fresh new image as we strive toward continued success, and it represents everything that makes us unique. So we are excited for everyone to see it.