ACI’s 2021 Diamond Partnership Award Winner

Conshohocken, PA, October 25, 2021:Broudy Precision has been selected by Automation Components, Inc.(ACI) Executive Management Team as one of two ACI 2021 Diamond Partnership Award winners!

According to ACI, “Being awarded ACI’s 2021 Diamond Partnership Award is truly a testament to your exceptional performance, customer focus, and commitment to excellence. We are proud to partner with Broudy Precision, as you are a first-class organization and continue to go above and beyond for ACI.” 

Our team at Broudy Precision values our partnership with ACI and is honored to be selected as a “Diamond Partnership Award winner.” In addition, we want to thank the Management Team at ACI’s for choosing us and Mike Bollant, ACI’s Sales Engineer, for his continued support. Broudy Precision looks forward to continued success with ACI throughout the year and in the years to come! To learn more about Broudy Precision’s partnership with ACI, visit our website at


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The Possibility to Engineer the Building Energy Management System You Need!


The FW (WiFi) series supports IT network and security standards and WiFi b/g/n. This series can be used as part of an existing network or as an isolated BMS WiFi network. The dual Ethernet port capability allows for daisy chain capability within the recommended IT standards. 

The FW series supports BACnet IP client/server, BACnet MSTP client/server, Modbus TCP/RTU M/S as well as Sox, TCOM, P2P, and MQTT. The FW series also features HTML5- ready dashboards and can be programmed live via CPT. 

The FW-08 includes 4 UI and 4 AO. For floating control, add the optional FR-02 module. Input point capacity can be expanded with the EasyIO-FD-20i. Licenses and annual maintenance are included in the one-time cost of the controller.


  • BACnet, Modbus, TCOM and Sox protocol
  • BACnet MSTP Client and BACnet IP Client up to 5 devices
  • BACnet IP Server over WiFi or Ethernet
  • Modbus RTU Master up to 5 devices
  • EasyIO Peer to Peer Protocol, compatible with FS, FG+, FW and FT Series
  • Built in web server, HTML5 compatible and SSL certificate support
  • MQTT, RESTful API and other web services
  • Built in dashboard
  • WiFi Access Point, Repeater or Client Mode
  • 2 Ethernet ports act as a normal network switch and support Ethernet daisy chain up to 9 units
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) Client
  • SMTP protocol (outgoing email) with SSL authentication
  • SQL Lite up to 6,000 records

 Download Guide Now

 Download Guide Now