Why Sustainability and ESG Matter to Broudy Precision

At Broudy Precision, we are committed to staying at the forefront of building technology and embracing change in the industry. We strive to help develop more innovative commercial buildings that are environmentally friendly and meet our client’s needs. We strongly emphasize ESG — Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG is essential in helping us profile our company on its standards, ethics, and core values. Let’s dive into why ESG matters for Broudy Precision.

The Need for Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial as awareness around indoor air quality, employee satisfaction, production levels, and overall company integrity grows. Unfortunately, commercial buildings are regularly made the villain of sustainability due to their propensity to leak energy. If they haven’t already, many cities around the country will soon be instituting a mandatory building benchmark system. Buildings over 50,000 sq ft will have to profile their building each year to meet or exceed a 75 Energy Star rating. If a 75 is not met, fines will be sanctioned. This governance will force building owners to emphasize sustainability, and our goal at Broudy Precision is to help them achieve it.


The building technology industry is a massive player in ESG. Our job is to ensure workspaces are comfortable, clean, safe, and conducive to productivity. We accomplish this by providing innovative products, technologies, and robust training to ensure the Building Automation System will create an energy-efficient building with a healthy indoor environment to meet ESG standards. In addition, we can use this system to measure, track, chart, and visualize the building’s health. 

By doing all these things and more at Broudy Precision, we demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility to ensure employee satisfaction and productivity in all our projects. This commitment has made us one of the leaders in sustainable building technology today.

Governance Standards

ESG initiatives don’t just focus on environmental sustainability; they also address governance standards within a company itself. At Broudy Precision, we prioritize transparency when deciding how our business operates. We strive for excellence by setting high standards for ourselves regarding customer service, product quality, and ethical operations. This commitment shows potential customers that they can trust us with their business, knowing their goals will be held to the highest standards.

At Broudy Precision, we understand how important it is for businesses today to stay ahead of trends regarding environmental sustainability and ethical practices. This is why we take ESG initiatives seriously and strive for excellence in environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance standards. By doing this, we want to show current and potential customers that they can trust us with their business, knowing that their interests will always be kept top-of-mind. With these initiatives in place, we look forward to leading the way in sustainable building technology today.