The key to success in energy efficiency – Transparent energy monitoring

Energy efficiency is truly a key to economic success. Therefore, an energy management system must be easy to implement. Phoenix Contact, a vendor of Broudy Precision, offers an innovative and coordinated portfolio of sensor and measurement technology products that streamline installation and simplify energy data acquisition. Future-oriented communication solutions and digital services help you to integrate, manage, and process your data. Check out the lastest Energy Meters from Phoenix Contact below.

Beyond the user experience, Phoenix Contact offers a solution for each of the three major industrial Ethernet protocols: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP. 

Integrating the meters into physical power systems is also simple, with the ability to interface directly with Rogowski coil split-core CTs or with traditional current transformers. Direct voltage support of up to 700 V AC with the option to use potential transformers for higher voltages means these meters can be deployed throughout the North American market on a variety of power systems. Simply put, machine-level energy measurement has never been so simple or straightforward.


  • Easily retrofit current measuring technology with the PACT RCP set without having to remove system parts
  • Transform alternating currents up to 4,000 A using a single universal PACT RCP measuring system
  • Fast, reliable and tool-free installation: plug-in current transformers with Push-in Technology. 

PACT current sensors

Easy retrofitting, quick wiring

PACT RCP current transformers based on the Rogowski coil are the perfect replacement current transformer for retrofitting without having to remove system parts. The PACT current transformer product family features a complete range for converting high alternating currents into 1 A secondary currents. Versions with Push-in connection help you perform your wiring quickly and safely.

Current transformers for retrofitting

Fast installation in a confined space

PACT RCP current transformers for retrofitting can be conveniently mounted where there is not enough space for split-core current transformers. For energy meters with direct Rogowski coil connection, the PACT RCP current transformers can measure currents up to 10,000 A – they are connected directly to the appropriate meter without the need for a measuring transducer. For systems that require a more traditional CT or transducer input, it is possible to capture AC currents up to 4,000 A and convert them into a secondary alternating current of 1 A or into an analog standard signal of 4…20 mA, for example, depending on the type of downstream measuring transducer.

Energy monitoring in an IIoT world

The goals of this white paper are to:

  • Introduce the three basic ways monitoring can help achieve savings
  • Explain how energy monitoring and the IIoT story are interwoven
  • Provide a high-level overview of how to interpret basic energy data
  • Share some real-world application examples
  • Give some insight on selecting and investing in energymonitoring equipment