HONEYWELL’s E-MON Class 6200 and 6000

From guided installation to fast, accurate tenant billing and optimizing energy use throughout the building, the next generation of E-Mon TM Smart Meters make electrical systems easy to work with.

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“Contractors often find themselves dealing with unexpected customer crises like power disruptions, unexplained energy spikes or equipment failure. Reactive solutions can be hurried, short-term and expensive. While these situations may seem unavoidable in the moment, they can often be detected early, saving time, money and inconvenience. Today, electrical contractors need to provide cost-effective tools to help customers proactively manage energy consumption. Tools like modern submeters and Energy Management Systems (EMS).

Submeters are installed downstream of the utility meter the utility meter to monitor systems and tenant usage, and have proven to be effective for diagnosing and preventing problems with key building systems. When combined with EMS, they provide insights into a building’s flow and consumption of electricity, so building managers can make informed decisions about energy use.

By understanding the customer’s business, type of building, energy demand, pain points and constraints, contractors can guide them to solutions that will save them money, time and energy-related headaches.”

Rick Blanchard
Product Manager Honeywell E-Mon
TM Submeters


Get the electrical data you need. From guided installation to fast, accurate tenant billing or optimizing energy use throughout a building, the E-Mon Class 6200 Pulse meter makes electrical systems easy to work with.

The E-Mon Class 6200 Pulse Meter is a compact submeter that’s versatile and field configurable, giving you one reliable submeter across diverse pulse applications.


Faster Installation

  • App-guided installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting
  • Meters are field-configurable to current sensors (25–5,000 amps)
  • Compact size for tight spaces
  • CS insulated for busbar installation

Smarter protection

  • Crypto-chip for advanced cybersecurity • Lockable enclosure
  • Safety listed UL standard 61010-2


E-Mon Class 6000 is a revenue-grade solution that allows you to install in less time, commission, and configure with an integrated status display or dedicated app, capture precise data, and allocate energy costs with confidence. Whether billing or budgeting, accurate energy use data is accessible from anywhere.

  • First energy meter with effective cybersecurity.
  • Improved reliability and security throughout the whole operational process.
  • Revenue grade accuracy.
  • Dedicated app for setup, troubleshooting, readouts, and meter monitoring.

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