Facility Explorer CGM and CVM Equipment Controllers

Johnson Controls has released their newest line of Facility Explorer MS/TP field controllers, the F4-CGM09090-0 General Purpose Application Controller and the F4-CVM03050-0 VAV Box Controller
These new controllers are the first of a new family of field equipment controllers for Facility Explorer

Key Features

  • Onboard alarming, trending and scheduling (integral real-time clock)
  • Removable screw terminals on all wiring connections for ease of installation and service
  • Faster processor for better performance
  • More memory to support background downloads and future upgrades
  • CGM/CVM: 16MB Flash, 8MB SDRAM (PCG/PCV: 1MB Flash, 512KB RAM)
  • Higher resolution inputs to allow for more accurate sensing
  • Rotary decimal switches for easier addressing
  • Supports MS/TP or N2: Auto detection of MS/TP or N2 communications – no manual protocol setup required

Download the full specs here: