School IAQ and the Funds to do it.

In 2020, Congress passed two stimulus bills – the CARES Act and CRRSA Act. In 2021, Congress passed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act. These bills provide education relief, including funds to safely reopen schools by providing nearly $177 billion in relief funds to improve and maintain the air quality in K-12 schools.


On April 28th we co-hosted a webinar with Honeywell discussing ESSER Funding. To help you learn the guidelines and deadlines for fund utilization, decipher the process of applying for funding, understand how to help schools leverage the funds, determine which improvements qualify according to ASHRAE's recommendations. As well as the easiest and most significant upgrades to be had and the best IAQ practices.



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In this webinar, answers FAQ about the available funding and IAQ improvements, including:

-Overview of ESSER Funding

-Guidelines and deadlines for fund utilization 
-What building improvements are allowable under the ESSER and Cares Act
-How to assess your school’s indoor air quality needs

-How to find each individual school district’s allotment of funds
-How to propose fund usage to show the necessity
-Current ASHRAE's recommendations
-Guide towards finding the easiest and most important upgrades
-Best Indoor Air Quality Practices


Please click HERE to watch the webinar

Zoom cloud replay! Recording password: SCHOOL-28


Check List to Improve IAQ

Your school’s air quality should be frequently checked and optimized to comply with industry regulations and guidelines, especially in times of change. Viruses and airborne pollutants can affect the health of staff and students. Find out ways to improve your school’s indoor air quality.

Quick ReOpening Sell Sheet

Welcoming students back to your school requires an evolution in your approach to safety, security and health, to adhere to new standards. That doesn’t mean you need to compromise sustainability, productivity or operational efficiency. Learn more about Honeywell's Quick Start  Package. 

Education Brochure

The world is changing fast and schools
are facing new challenges. Pathogens and
allergens make it mandatory to assess and address environmental health issues – making sure that your school building is healthier and that your staff and students are better protected. Don’t just open schools, keep them open with expert air quality solutions. 

Education Stimulus Funding

Beyond the CARES Act, the federal government has approved nearly $54 billion in relief funds to improve and maintain air quality in K-12 schools. And we’re here to help you decipher the process, understand how to help schools leverage the funds and determine which improvements qualify. Learn More. 


Protecting the health, safety and welfare of the world’s students, faculty, and administrators from the spread of SARS-Cov-2 (the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease) is essential to protecting the entire population. ASHRAE’s guidance for schools provides practical information and checklists to help minimize the chance of spreading SARS-CoV-2.



In efforts to assist in improving indoor air quality (IAQ), we have developed an extensive article about IAQ. This article examines what IAQ is, the role it plays in your building, the importance of maintaining air quality (especially now) and how this ties into your HVAC system. As a bonus we have included a list of 10 quality products that have been vetted and proven to fight harmful contaminants and increase your building’s air quality.


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