The BAPI-Stat “Quantum” Particulate Sensor is an accurate and reliable way of continuously monitoring the concentration of particles in a room. Laser-based sensors provide the highest accuracy for commercial applications and will measure particle concentrations from 0 to 1,000 µg/m3. A 60mm mounting base is available to fit European style junction boxes.

Key Features
• Field Selectable Particulate Size of PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10
• Field Selectable Outputs of 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V and 4 to 20mA
• Laser-based, light scattering particle sensing with 10 year expected lifetime.


iSMA CONTROLLI products that are equipped with the two most popular open communication protocols: BACnet and Modbus which are the perfect solution for projects of all sizes, implemented in both new and existing BMS systems.


iSMA-B-MIX18 & MIX18 I/O Modules for use with BACnet and Modbus networks. These modules are ideal for I/O expansion for BACnet or Modbus controllers (including JACEs).


Protocols supported

  • BACnet: BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP (RS485)

  • Modbus TCP or RTU/ASCII (RS485)

  • IP models can act as a Modbus Gateway (ModbusTCP to Modbus RTU/ASCII)


Some concentrations of organic chemicals are higher indoors than outdoors. In other scenarios, contaminated outdoor air may be introduced into a building through ventilation to achieve unintended consequences. Indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors support the need for sensing these pollutants and implementing ideal ventilation strategies as part of the BMS.


Honeywell's IAQ Sensors will help improve the air within the building, creating a healthier environment for occupants. Honeywell Healthy Buildings help keep facilities safer for occupants, in part by cleaning the air automatically as people come and go. To do that, your building needs accurate data about the air quality - and that starts with our versatile range of sensors of indoor air quality (IAQ).

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