In 1948, Detroit Regulator Co. was awarded a patent for its innovative Straight-Thru-Flow (STF) regulator design. Also known as the Maxitrol (Maximum Control), the STF design allows gas to flow straight through the regulator without changing directions. The effect is a significant reduction in pressure drop resulting in greater capacity. By meeting the developing need for high capacities at low inlet pressures, the STF design made a major impact on the industry. 

The STF was the first significant pressure regulator design change in more than a century and the foundation for the company's growing business. In August 1953, the company's name was changed to Maxitrol Company.

 Maxitrol's design team continues to create and produce inventive products including the 325 series regulators for use with 2 psi and 5 psi piping systems, the Selectra electronic gas flame modulation systems for direct and indirect fired heaters and, in 2003, the DFM series temperature controls for use with direct gas-fired modulating air heaters.
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