Building Automation

In today’s world, facilities are equipped with any number of computerized systems and devices that control HVAC, energy management, lighting, video and security systems. More often than not, multiple hardware and software technologies are needed just to keep these systems operable. The Niagara platform provides a solution that connects to multiple vendors, consisting of multiple technologies, communicating over multiple protocols; all while integrating everything back into one common platform. Niagara gives you the ability to control daily operations, system maintenance, and engineering capabilities - accessible from anywhere in the world. Currently there are over 400,000 instances of Niagara installed. Those instances, which are growing every day, are supported by over 16,000 certified professionals that make up the Niagara community. With the Open Systems Niagara can provide, you have the freedom to choose what is necessary now with the ability to add-on later.

 Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent buildings apply technologies to improve the building environment and functionality for occupants/tenants while controlling costs, improving security, comfort and accessibility.  To see the capabilities of an intelligent building please click: Intelligent Buildings