Broudy Precision: A Century of Service

For nearly 100 years, the name Broudy has been synonymous not only with superior service but also with quality parts and equipment. The breadth and expanse of the Broudy product line may reach to everything from building automation controls to boilers and furnaces but, at its inception, it began humbly as a small hardware store in North Philadelphia in 1919. Using their loyal and thriving clientele as a cornerstone, the business grew into a strong and respected firm. By the time the 1940s rolled around, they had expanded to become a major supplier of both plumbing and heating supplies for the entire Delaware Valley.

The continued expansion of the company allowed Broudy to reach more customers but, as Broudy’s customer base expanded, so did their customers’ needs for a more diverse product offering. In order to meet the increased demand, the mid-1960s saw Broudy go through the first of two major transitions. The first transition was the broadening of their product line to not only encompass, but to focus more on, HVAC unitary products and building controls. Invariably, as is the case, this new initiative precipitated the second of the aforementioned transitions and that is the creation of the company’s new moniker: Broudy Precision.

The revamped name and the new product initiative allowed for Broudy Precision to enjoy three decades of consistent growth and expansion. Broudy Precision realized that their expansion needed more support in order to continue its growth and, to facilitate that support, a New Jersey Branch was added in 1970 and a second Philadelphia branch was added in 1994. The three locations served as the Broudy Precision framework as the company poised to continue its successful trajectory.

Unable to remain static for very long, it was determined that a more centralized location was needed to serve their widespread customer base. While the second Philadelphia branch and the New Jersey location satisfied the needs of their specific locales, the flagship store was destined for bigger and better things. In a pragmatic move, the year 1998 saw the main branch move to become the corporate hub in West Conshohocken, PA.

With its feet set and a new millennium in front of it, Broudy Precision had positioned itself to serve its customers as it never had before. The passion to serve their customers is only equaled by the rapport that they have with the companies with which they directly work. The distinguished honor of being an exemplary distributor has been bestowed upon Broudy Precision by numerous companies including, but not limited to Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Vykon.

With the changes in technological advancements and constantly shifting regulations with the quality and specificity inherent within Broudy Precision’s industry, it is amazing to see that the humble beginnings are still important. The commitment to service, the personal interest in the needs of every customer, and the standard of quality are ever-apparent in every aspect of the business. With so much success predicated upon these core values, it is no surprise that Broudy Precision intends to use them for their next century of business.