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Find What Matters™ in the Data from Equipment Systems and Smart Devices

SkySpark® Analytics Software automatically analyzes building, energy and equipment data to identify issues, faults and opportunities for improved performance and operational savings. SkySpark helps facility owners and operators find what matters™ in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems.

SkySpark can be applied to virtually all types of data from the rapidly growing Internet of Things. Applications include:

Building Automation
Energy Management
Industrial Automation
Data Centers
Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO)
Monitoring-based Commissioning
Smart Services/Asset Management
Smart Homes
Telecommunications Infrastructure

 SkySpark® An application for facility managers. A tool for consultants, commissioning professionals and energy engineers.

User Interface:
All SkySpark views are delivered in a standard web browser using HTML5 technology. SkySpark supports current versions of all major web browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

Connectors for Data Access:
SkySpark includes the following data connectors: BACnet® IP, oBIX, Modbus TCP, Haystack, Sedona, SQL databases via JDBC, CSV data import, SkyFoundry REST API, Energy Star Portfolio Manager™, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol for centralized user credential management.

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Broudy Precision is now stocking Honeywell Genesis.  There are some great perks with Genesis cable:

  • 2% back in ContractorPro points
  • 3 for 1 guarantee on cuts, nicks, tangles (check out their new React packaging)
  • Variety of colors and put-ups available
  • Easy Selection - check out their awesome apps!     Apple        Android

JCI PCT Field Controller Training 
May 3rd-5th, 2016
West Conshohocken

Niagara 4 Certification
June 6-10th, 2016
West Conshohocken
LON Spyder
June 27-28th, 2016
West Conshohocken

Niagara AX End User (Operator)
June 29- July 1st, 2016
West Conshohocken